Artist - Illustrator


Carlo Duina was born in Brescia on 5th September 1979.

His artistic career started at the beginning of the 2000s when, as a self-taught artist, he built relationships with local artists and craftsmen  and attended their studios.

He attended drawing courses at the AAB (Association of Artists from Brescia). He showed interest in traditional visual arts as well as in illustration. He completed his formation taking parts in the courses of the Accademia delle Belle Arti di Macerata where he met some  illustrators like Pablo Auladell, Javier Zabala e Svjetlan Junakovic.

Carlo Duina lives and works in Salò (BS). Besides working on his personal artistic project, he is the author and the soul behind the activities proposed by Cascina Balocchi, a factory of artistic ideas whose interior has been totally designed and realized by him.

Since 2010 he organizes whorkshops and collaborates with the greatest contemporary illustrators.




2010 “Evolutamente” Piccola Galleria UCAI,  Brescia.


2012  “Odisee” Biblioteca Storica Queriniana di Brescia.


2014 “La memoria del corpo”, Spazio Arte Duina in 2014,  where his works were displayed with the works of Agostino Bonalumi, Emilio Vedova, Renzo Vespignani and other artists.


2016 “Presenze”, Spazio Arte Duina”, Lonato del Garda (BS).


2018 "L'isola del sole", Libreria del corso, Trapani, (TP).



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